15 x how to entertain your kids at home during summer holidays

Whether you stay home during the summer or you have planned a holiday, there will always be days that you just don't know how to keep your kids peaceful, happy and entertained during school holidays, right? Those days that you actually wish for the school routine to return? We can help you with that! Use these ten wonderful tips and you'll flow trough the days with a big smile on your face without having to deal with complaints like "Mu-ummmm I'm BORED!!" 

1. Get them in the kitchen! Yes kids, it's time to cook! Introduce them to new ingredients, ask them what they like to eat and prepare it together. Get dirty and clumsy, no rules! 

2. Play ‘My Restaurant’! When you got them in the kitchen, let them make up their own imaginary restaurant at home, dress up the table and let them serve their self made food. It will boost their interest in cooking and their self esteem.

3. Plan a movie day! Create a cinema together at home, make it cozy and serve their favorite treats and snacks of course! It’s their holiday, cheating every now and then makes it more fun for everyone and very movie theatre like!

4. Look for the nearest indoor play centers! It will give you some time to finally read that book while they wear themselves out, plus you'll have a relaxt evening too because you can put the satisfied, exhausted kids to bed early.

5. Mould away! Let your kids get their hands dirty with with child friendly modelling clay.

6. Get the paint out! Whether they did some serious moulding or not, painting is always fun! Awake their inner artist. Every child loves to be creative. They can paint their sculptures, or let them paint gigantic paintings on big cardboard sheets in your garden or on the pavement.

7. Check your local library! Almost every library organizes events for kids during holidays.

8. Check for nearby swimming pools! Swimming is very holiday’ish! It might even be the number one favorite activity for all kids, don't you think?

9. Go gardening! Getting their hands dirty and at the same time teach them about their surroundings, the nature, plants and animals, very meditative, educational and fun for everyone!

10. Board game marathons! Duh! Of course, this has to be on everyone’s to-do list during holidays (actually, during weekends too!).

11. Make a family tree! Buy some colored papers, cut out some family photo's and build an arty family tree! A super creative way to let your kids understand the way your family is build.

12. Picknick time! Prep some food with your kids, take cool games and a ball with you and find a nice spot to eat and play outside; always a good idea!

13. Stage time! Playing dress up is every girl's desire. Let your kids find whatever they like in everyone's closet and bring out their inner funky stylist, let them prep a show and be their visitor. Many children like to be in the spotlight, give them the stage they deserve!

14. Play sports! Invite some of their friends and make a competition in whatever sports they prefer. Releases their energy and keeps them sharp and fit!

15. The beach! For everyone living in Ibiza, for everyone visiting Ibiza this summer and for everyone in need voor some vitamine sea: the beach is your answer!

Hopefully you'll have a bless this summer with these 15 tips & tricks to keep your kids active, entertained and happy at the same time! For more tips on holidays, check out our other blogs!