How we work!

Hola dear parent! Thank you for being enthusiastic about DayClaire Nanny Services! Hereby some extra information for you to make sure everything goes smoothly when your nanny takes care of your little ones!

DayClaire’s mission:

Enabling as much parents as possible to enjoy carefree quality time in Ibiza.


Because we believe that every parent deserves that quality time! We all know how time and energy consuming parenthood can be. Why not giving you an extra pair of hands, especially when you are on a holiday?


By offering a big variety of amazing babysitters and (live in/live out) au pairs. Whether you want to have a long lazy lunch on the beach, a romantic dinner or want to go out dancing in Ibiza’s famous clubs, we make sure a nanny comes your way so you can go out and explore Ibiza! Do you want a nanny every day and night during your holiday? No problemo! We have lovely (live in or live out) au pairs that make sure you and your little ones will have an amazing time in Ibiza.



A big team of Dutch, English, Spanish and international super nannies! We have all kinds of nannies, babysitters and au pairs of all ages. They have a lot of things in common: they are all very professional, very sweet, very fun, very responsible and super experienced! Only the best is good enough. We want every child and every family to be at ease and happy with their babysitter!

I want to book a nanny, how?

It's très simple: You let us know via the Book a Nanny form on our website when and where you will be needing a babysitter. We also like to know many children will be there and what ages. If you want to have a nanny for let’s say one afternoon or evening/night, you may pay her in cash by the time you get home again. If you want to have daily nanny for a couple of hours every day or night during your holiday, we have hour packages. The packages can be paid in cash or via bank transfer. Once we have found you a lovely babysitter, we will let you know who it is, what she does etc. and we will ask you to send directions to your location via whatsapp. The only thing you have to do is open the door to her!

You can always ask if the nanny can come a bit earlier so you can explain and show everything to her. Please let her know where the kids sleep, what they eat, what they like to play, favourite toys and what time they need to go to bed. And if swimming is allowed -as we find swimming pools a risky area-. Again, if you want to have the phone number of your babysitter to stay in contact while you are out, that is of course no problem, we understand!

Questions? Have a look at our FAQ page! 

Feeling like some carefree quality time? We'd love to help you!