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Q: What are the costs of a nanny? 

A: Prices vary depending high season, low season, hour packages and amount of kids. Contact us for more info or see our rates page.

Q: How long in advance can we book a babysitter?

A: You can book a nanny at any given moment!

Q: Are the nannies certified? 

A: Not all babysitters have done a teachers training, but all of them are selected because of their experience, responsibility, wisdom and loving and fun personalities.

Q: Do your nannies speak Dutch and English?

A: Yes they do. We have many Dutch, English and Spanish (bilingual) nannies working for us as well as nannies who speak French and German.

Q: Do you have a daycare location?

A: No, the babysitters come to your place, where the kids feel at home.

Q: Do you also do (live-in) au pairs?

A: Yes, we also have full time live in au pairs for during your holidays, as well as for residents so you can relax more often!

Q: What if we suddenly don’t need the babysitter anymore?

A: You can always cancel; as you’re on holiday you never know what will happen next! Cancellations until three hours in upfront are free, if later 3 hours will be charged.

Got all excited and want to book a DayClaire babysitter? 

You can contact us via the contact form or by email or telephone. We’ll make sure a lovely nanny comes your way! 

Hope to speak to you soon!