DayClaire's Story



DayClaire's Story

¡Hola dear parents!

Thank you for visiting DayClaire's website; hopefully we will put a smile on your face!

 We can imagine you'd like to know more about our nanny service, so hereby the story of the who and how of DayClaire Nanny Services. 

DayClaire’s birth


DayClaire is made in Ibiza by Claire Vosse in 2013. Moving to the white Isle from Amsterdam with a broad experience in childcare, Claire soon got an abundance of babysitting requests from Dutch families in Ibiza, and expanded to create a team of nannies. This was the birth of DayClaire nanny services. Dutch media quickly caught on to her original story and DayClaire has been featured in blogs, the radio and newspapers.

At the end of summer 2016 Claire´s path led her back to the Netherlands and Saida, who had been with DayClaire from the start, took over the nanny agency. DayClaire´s new mama has a great affinity with kids, and plenty of experience with them in different settings, from childcare to kids yoga and leading primary school field trips. Saida is Dutch born and raised, a multilingual island resident and yoga teacher who is now joyfully running DayClaire with a big love for kids- and a warm attitude for the parents.

Our nannies are selected on their experience with childcare, and their ability to provide a nurturing and playful environment for the little ones, so the kids can feel safe, loved and cared for while their papas and mamas are playing outside ;) 

In the past six years our enthusiastic team of sweet and experienced babysitters have served so many lovely families! Starting out with mostly Dutch families, the last years we have expanded to broad international clientele, international celebrities give DayClaire their trust too. It's such a big compliment and we are grateful for every request.

Every time a parent asks us for a nanny they have never seen, we share a connection of love and trust with that family. That is such a big compliment for DayClaire! A trust and love based company is really a dream coming true. For five years now we have been growing, learning, evolving and playing and we will keep on doing that, in order to help even more parents to enjoy care free quality time in Ibiza! 

DayClaire’s mission?

Enabling you to enjoy your well deserved care free quality time in Ibiza. 

We all know how consuming kids can be and we believe that every parent needs and deserves time to focus on themselves and other things that can use some extra attention. Especially when you are on a holiday! The best way to achieve that, is to let a sweet, experienced nanny take over the care of your children. You can leave the house with a care free mind, to relax and explore Ibiza’s other side till dawn!

Feeling like some extra me-time? Book a DayClaire babysitter! You can contact us via our contact form or by email or telephone. We’ll make sure a lovely nanny comes your way so you and your children will have a great time in Ibiza!