10 amazing tips for travelling smooth with children

We all know that traveling with children can be stressful, right? Why not making it much more easy and peaceful? With these ten tips your whole family wil arrive happy as a bird with a French frie!

  1. Encourage them to keep a travel journal! riting down or drawing what they see and experience keeps them busy and it makes them more aware of the environment, very mindful. Speaking of which, why don't we do it our selfs? 

  2. Prepare loads of family games like 'I spy with my little eye' and guessing games are always fun and a good way to distract them during delays, long queues etc. Avoid them getting bored, that's where their annoying part kicks in.

  3. Take your time! Taking your time is one of the most easy ways to arrive at your destination in a relaxt state of mind. Worth the extra minutes!

  4. Avoid candy and sweets! We all know candy is an easy way to shut their little cute mouths, but it will make them even more restless -think sugar-rush-terrorism-. Pack (dried) fruits or healthy snacks instead. 

  5. Travel with public transport. Kids are often very happy to travel by bus or train because it fills their curious hearts and eyes with new information, stuff to think about, cool! And more inspiration for their journal of course! Double cool!

  6. This is a good one: brand your kids. Busy airports and train stations are places where kids get easily lost. Not good for your heart rate, so always better to write down your phone number on their arm or buy bracelets specially made for this.

  7. Always, always, always bring baby wipes!! Your best friends for numerous reasons. 

  8. Download some (or loads, as you wish)  toddler friendly apps and you won't hear them for at least a couple of hours! (In case they're tired of the family games and the journals of course..)

  9. First aid kid. Bring it! Bring it! Bring it! You know why...

  10. Give them a child-friendly camera. It will encourage them to observe their surroundings and they will leave you at rest! 

Good luck with these tips; more tips on going on vacation with your kids will follow! 


Enjoy your holiday! May peace be with you...